Allan's Portfolio

Some of my previous work. (If you want to see my resume, look here.) Remember that usually, I can't take home work I did because it's proprietary to my employer. So this is just screenshots, or else my own free-time hacking.


Here are some interesting programs that I've written over the last decade, that I actually own and can show you. Most are small and simple; many were just my own experiments that I adapted for this portfolio site. (I also did all the graphics including this page; they get more primitive as you go back in time.)

Many of the programs illustrated in the above section are fairly simple, because they don't need to be more complicated. Part of my programming style is to keep it simple. I know code gets more complex over time. If a piece of code is complicated at birth, it'll only get worse, and it'll be expensive to maintain and risky to change.

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